Rocky Point

Boulder Beach, Skennars Head, NSW

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We need to rewind the clocks back to 2012! James and Kylie’s worlds collided at the Queens Wharf Brewery when they were both playing cupid or wing-man for their friends!

James took the reins that day when he laid eyes on this gorgeous blonde. A bit of Dutch courage and he offered to buy Kylie a bevy. When she replied, make it a schooner of VB he was taken hook line and sinker! Kylie’s initial thoughts on this debonair specimen was one of intrigue and was happily dancing on the inside! Before the night was over, numbers were exchanged and a first date lined up for a movie.

Kylie can’t get enough of James ‘sexy smile, big heart & that he’s easy on the eye!

James loves that Kylie is so decisive and always takes the bull by the horns! He adores her beautiful nature and that she’s up for anything, anytime!

Another major highlight was the day Kylie dropped to her good knee and declared her undying love! It involved juicy burgers, beach drive and a romantic love book! How could you not say Yes James!

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