Ching ching to these very photogenic lovebirds from their favorite Byron Bay Wedding Photographer. Newlyweds Jordi and Jenna treated their extensive family and friends to their ripping 3 day wedding festivities in the picturesque Pokolbin wineries. Vinden Estate made an impressive backdrop to stage their nuptials and to party the night totally away.

Romantic wedding image

‘Gary Patterson … The images you have captured & your video presentation has turned our simple little event into a fairy tale.

It is like something you would see in a magazine with models. You captured so many various emotions and aspects of our special day and put them into an absolutely spectacular backdrop. Actually, many different spectacular backdrops. When we arrived home last night we were buggered but we played the video on our big screen television continuously about 6-8 times without stopping. We both had tears rolling down our face and all we said was “love that one” “that’s beautiful” “that’s like a model” “wow, how special is that” “what beautiful memories”.

We can never thank you enough for your professionalism, dedication and keen eye for those special moments. I feel very emotional about how special you have made our simple little ceremony and don’t think I’ll be able to verbalise it to you in person so hopefully you can feel our love and appreciation in this email. When I see you, I will just want to give you a big hug.” Thank you and Jacqui so very much. Lots of Love – Glen & Lea’ – SUNNYBANK HILLS QLD

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Not Mine

The Byron coastline and hinterland is such a magic location. This is a privilege for any Byron Bay Wedding Photographer. I am humbled by the immense pleasure I get from shooting weddings and elopements consequently to do the majority in such a beautiful spot is just gold.

My aim is simply to understand your requirements and what your style is. On top of that your experience has to be memorable and fun.

Because I treat the recording and telling each wedding story in pictures as critical, I do the shoot with an easygoing fun attitude to ensure that the vibe is upbeat.

First of all, everyone feels a sense of appreciation with the picturesque natural scenery and the idyllic climate and even more when the results are so stunning.

Call to discuss how I can make your Byron Bay wedding photos experience mean the world to you.

 Byron Bay Wedding Photographer –  Gary Patterson


Byron Bay Photographer Catch phrase

Gary Patterson Photography

formally Gary Patterson Collection

The Photographers Cloak of Invisibility

I love it when Brides and Grooms say that they felt so at ease and therefore hardly noticed I was there.

To get those candid photos, the Byron Bay wedding photographer has to make themselves scarce. Nothing looks natural if the subject is wary.
To make sure I get the best result, I focus on finding out what couples have in mind. I want to achieve their dream, not mine. Every picture choice is personal for the reason that I feel I shouldn’t tell anyone else what they will like.
Furthermore the reason I provide so many images is so that couples then can make their own choices.
The story of your wedding day is your personal treasure trove. I provide at least two versions of each image according to your choice (e.g. raw colour, black & white, sepia, etc.) for the reason that you really have a great experience with your Byron Bay wedding photos when you select your own favorites.

The Canvas

Then there is the canvas.

We are so lucky with so many stunning venues around Byron, Broken Head, Lennox Head and Ballina. From white beaches to old farm buildings and tropical forests. All around the Northern Rivers NSW and Byron Bay, the country is rich in colour and form.

And did I mention the Byron Hinterland? So often there is a new venue or a lane way that is waiting to be discovered. There are the quaint villages of Bangalow, Federal, Eureka, The Channon, Newrybar, Binna Burra, Eltham, Clunes and many more within a stone’s throw.

For any Byron Bay wedding photographer, this is gold. Every location a gem!

The Stars

But are you ready to take the lead in your very own show?
To do justice to your photos,  this Byron Bay wedding Photographer needs to ensure you are at ease and chilled.
This is your day for enjoyment. An occasion to take time out and take pleasure in everything that is going on around you.
We are about recording those special moments, the emotions, the energy and the joy. The stars of the show have to be real people having a really fun time.
Whether it’s the wedding party looking to party or just the two of you, we will capture this once off day of your life. The day you and your partner want to remember.
Of course you will want to relive each moment.

100% Beauty

The saying ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ is an understatement. If I show two people some of my photos and asked them to rate the shots, they will rarely agree. Just being a Byron Bay wedding Photographer doesn’t qualify as a style know-all.

Some like arty effects, some like formality, some like dark moody images, some love the harvest look.

Then there are the photographic tricks we use such as utilising extreme depths of field. We can increase aperture to reduce focus to a short range or we can slow down shutter speed to see movement. Then there is time lapse or distortion with wide angle or telephoto lenses.

There are so many filters and photographic gizmos that I can’t recall why I bought some of that gear.

On top of that, the beauty of a digital image is that it can be modified using Photoshop to something totally different.

It’s OK

First of all, it is OK to be fussy.

I say it should be more than OK for the reason that you are paying someone to record your wedding day. It should be law.

Your wedding photos must be just what you had in mind. No what your Byron Bay wedding Photographer has in mind. Above all, these wedding photos are for YOU to enjoy.

Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what anyone else likes. They can have their say when they get married.

The great advantage with Byron Bay is that there are so many magic locations to choose from. Beaches, headlands, rivers, waterfalls, streams, mountains, rain forest, gardens and plantations.

Likewise, there are so many novel street-scapes around Ballina, Byron Bay, Ewingsdale, Bangalow, Lennox Head – the list goes on.

No wonder there are more than 1000 weddings and elopements in Byron Bay every year!

The Low Hanging Fruit

To ensure your Byron Bay wedding photographer will produce the ultimate wedding photos for you, above all it helps if they are: –

  • VERY ENTHUSIASTIC about creating images that tell the story of your wedding day
  • MAKE SCARCE while quietly capturing those special moments
  • A FULLY qualified professional photographer
  • A LOCAL so knows all the best locations
  • GUARANTEES early delivery of your wedding package
  • COMMITS to deliver images to your taste – call and I will explain how I achieve this
  • EXPERIENCED with over 300 wedding shoots
  • ABLE TO SAY that there has never been an unhappy Bride
  • SUPPORTING gay rights and believes in marriage equality (same sex marriage)
  • ALWAYS HAPPY to deliver a wedding photography package to your budget
  • ABLE TO demonstrate an enviable network of wedding contacts and local knowledge
  • GOING TO ARRIVE early and leaves LATE
  • NEVER PRECIOUS and allows other guests to snap away
  • HAPPY to give you the original images when requested