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… It is like something you would see in a magazine with models. You captured so many various emotions and aspects of our special day and put them into an absolutely spectacular backdrop. Actually, many different spectacular backdrops.

When we arrived home last night we were buggered but we played the video on our big screen television continuously about 6-8 times without stopping. We both had tears rolling down our face and all we said was “love that one” “that’s beautiful” “that’s like a model” “wow, how special is that” “what beautiful memories”. We can never thank you enough for your professionalism, dedication and keen eye for those special moments. I feel very emotional about how special you have made our simple little ceremony and don’t think I’ll be able to verbalise it to you in person so hopefully you can feel our love and appreciation in this email. When I see you, I will just want to give you a big hug.

Thank you and Jacqui so very much. Lots of Love – Glen & Lea – SUNNYBANK HILLS QLD

… before, during and after our morning ceremony at Wategos – even though there were only a few people there we hardly noticed him moving around and he seemed to capture every angle of the day and really got the vibe of the occasion into the pictures.
We had the shots within a very short time really nicely presented. Of course he also ordered the perfect weather for us too!
We can thoroughly recommend the quality of his work and of course he was a lovely person to have around on the day as well.
Thanks so much for helping us create great memories!
Kris & Marco (Mr & Mrs Moet) Sydney



Totally grateful for having the beautiful Byron coastline to work and play on with my loving wife Jacqui. I guess we are both obsessed with making every wedding unique and awesome.

You see, while I tell wedding stories (in pictures), Jacqui is a fun Celebrant. Not that we come as a duo for every gig but we do love working together.

Byron Bay is a top wedding destination with beautiful natural scenery, mild climate and warm water but we happily travel for special occasions.

I think I am a very fun focussed Byron Bay Wedding Photographer so be sure to call me when your pictures mean the world to you.

I aim to make it a really pleasurable experience and the vibe shows in the results.

Let the Party begin – Gaz

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