by a Byron Bay Wedding Photographer

But are you ready to take the lead in your very own show? To do justice to your photos, this Byron Bay wedding Photographer needs to ensure you are at ease and chilled.
This is your day for enjoyment. An occasion to take time out and take pleasure in everything that is going on around you. I am about recording those special moments, the emotions, the energy and the joy. The stars of the show have to be real people having a really fun time. Whether it’s the wedding party looking to party or just the two of you, we will capture this once off day of your life. The day you and your partner want to remember.
Of course you will want to relive each moment.

I love it when Brides and Grooms say that they felt so at ease and therefore hardly noticed I was there. To get those candid photos, the Byron Bay wedding photographer has to make themselves scarce.