Picture this! You take delivery of your wedding images and there are no shots of Aunt Margaret who flew in from New York. Whoops.

The solution – in the lead up to the wedding, list the people you want included in each group shot. This will eliminate the likelihood of missing Aunt Margaret from New York.

A wedding run sheet is also a handy to keep everyone informed of what is going on.

The run sheet and the shoot list should be delegated to trusty friends so that you can just be the stars of the show. This is your day to smell the roses and not to be the stressed out event managers.

Sample Wedding Shoot List


Lens Shy

Some people seem to be allergic to having their photo taken. They will no doubt be scarce when it comes time for those group shots so it is imperative that the shoot list is not overlooked.
I rarely know anyone outside the Bridal Party so would be the worst choice to be in charge of rounding mystery faces up for the next group shot. Incidentally, I am really focused on the lighting, background, etc. so it makes sense to delegate this to a family member to supervise the Wedding Run Sheet and the Shoot List.
You may have to split the Wedding Run Sheet between persons from each side just to make sure they have it covered.

Last chance to see?

Guests often travel long distances. You don’t get a second chance so, better to get it right first time and put the effort into a Wedding Run Sheet and the Shoot List. It is highly unlikely that you will get a second chance.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Again, this is your day to shine. Not to be distracted trying to sort out arrangements and issues. All you have to do is be the stars for a day!


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