Broken Head


Imagine keeping your wedding secret. Some can and some can’t. Well, you’ve gotta tell someone or what’s the point?

The perfect romantic weekend would never be complete without a clandestine wedding ceremony by The Champagne Celebrant with two random witnesses on a small deck overlooking the Pacific.

Conan and Jess pulled it off in their quiet style and let the images do the talking for them.

Somehow you can arrange your elopement from Victoria and then live it like royalty. A warm winter sun and a fun ceremony overlooking the surf at Kings Beach to top it off – yes perfect.

The sun was dipping behind the hills so to capture those late afternoon rays we headed up the beach to Taylors lake. The afternoon air thickened, changed hue and turned pink. Magic.

Conan and Jess set a cracking pace up and down the beach as they were keen to shake the sand off and make the most of the Byron night life.

Fantastic shoot, fantastic scenery, fantastic newlyweds!

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