Little Wategos Beach Elopement

Cape Byron National Park

Byron Bay NSW

Chaffs and Kaz were beaming in their wedding clobber when we pulled up at Wategos for the trek over to Little Wategos Beach. Tony and Janine were fussing over their best friends making sure they had their bouquets, button holes, Champagne, etc. ready to go.

Aided by Jacqui, The Champagne Celebrant, we headed over to Little Wategos and picked a spot on the sand with waves crashing in the background. The grey skies and high humidity dulled the natural daytime hues but provided depth and such a vivid sky.

The celebrations that started in the car park and didn’t finish until we had packed up ready for the trip home. Chaffs, Kaz, Tony and Janine included us in all their fun and made the whole affair so memorable. Cheers to these loving couples and hope to see you back here in the not too distant future!

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