Brandy Arm – The Gap – NSW


Ashleigh first laid on eyes on hot-gun Adam in Cultana when they were both in the Army. She was captivated by his bluest of blue eyes and couldn’t hardly concentrate on task. Ashleigh didn’t go unnoticed either and Adam was falling over himself to get a meet and greet. He didn’t waste any time lining up a first date and breakfast followed the very next day. Lets just say the date was as saucy as the breaky and life as they once knew it was all about to change!

From this point on their relationship blossomed quickly, fun times were plentiful and over time this led to an unbreakable bond of love.

They have had some amazing life changing and amazing experiences together and no doubt they’ll keep coming! They share a love of working out, beach time, good food and anything alcoholic! Add to this simply passing the time checking out their herd. They can’t wait to finally call each other husband and wife and look forward to the day they extend the family tree!

These two are best friends; soul mates and some would say a force to be reckoned with. This fun-loving duo, love life, love a challenge, chasing dreams and each other.

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